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  • Largest Teachers’ Union in U.S. Rallies Behind Requiring Proof of Vaccine or Regular Testing (

  • ​BREAKING: Texas Senate Passes Bill in Favor of Forensic Audit in 18-11 Vote Following Failed Democrat Filibuster (

  • Conservative Groups Issue Open Letter to the U.S. President and Congressional Leaders: Stop Vaccine Passports | Human Events



Maryland News
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Breaking: Maryland Voter Integrity Group Finds Serious Anomalies in Four Maryland Counties (




07/06/2021 - Patriot America First Delegate Dan Cox announces candidacy for Governor.

07/01/2021 -  Twelve year olds don't need parents consent for mental health  treatment in Maryland.

06/30/2021Report: DOJ refuses to remove prosecutors from Nick and Marilyn Mosby's tax case | WBFF (

06/25/2021Lawsuit attempts to stop Gov. Hogan from cutting federal unemployment benefits (

06/22/2021 - Nationalizing Elections signals death to the U.S. Constitution.   Michael Steele on Nationalizing Elections, Ending Filibuster: 'This Is Not Rocket Science -- It's Common Sense' (

06/15/2021 -  No Service - No Tax.    Baltimore businesses threatening to withhold tax payments amid violence, ‘lawlessness’ | Fox Business


06/10/2021  UPDATE: 40+ Fells Point merchants have signed on to ultimatum sent to city leaders | WBFF (


06/07/2021 City Council doesn't ask Mosby about crime surge, focus budget hearing on other services | WBFF (


06/01/2021  Baltimore County  Where is the outrage?  Where are the Patriots demanding accountability?

State prosecutor has opened an investigation into Jim Smith’s Victory Slate | Baltimore Brew

05/11/2021Speaker Adrienne Jones' nephew nominated to the Maryland State Board of Elections. I guess there was not anyone else qualified to do the job.  Dems Nominate Baltimore Attorney to State Board of Elections – Maryland Matters

05/07/2021 - Illegal Aliens seem to be the winner in the 2021 Session. "The General Assembly voted to end state involvement in private ICE detention centers, shut down existing local detention centers, stop law enforcement from asking about citizenship status, prohibit ICE from searching through MVA data without a warrant, create a Governor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and extend the earned income tax credit to taxpayers with ITIN holders."  It seems that residents - not citizens have more rights to our tax dollars than we do.  Opinion: Immigrants Are the Winners of This Legislative Session – Maryland Matters


April 23, 2021 University System of Maryland, Morgan State to mandate COVID vaccines for students, faculty, staff during fall semester - Baltimore Sun

April 10, 2021.  Maryland is the first state to strip away the Police Bill of Rights while giving citizen rights to illegal aliens.  How long do you think Maryland will have a functioning Police force?  Can you see the Speaker of the House of Delegates coming out of her home to protect you?  Neither can I.  Maryland repeals police bill of rights, enacts historic accountability measures - The Washington Post


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  • 06/23/2021 - Congressman Andy Harris calls for immediate consideration of the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. saying, "At a time when Joe Biden and pro-abortion Democrats want federal dollars to directly fund abortion for the first time in nearly 50 years, it’s critical that we pass this legislation."

  • 06/17/2021 -  Breaking:  Biden Policy Allows Migrants with Asylum Claims to Bring Families (



Defund the Police 



07/28/2021  GOP Lawmaker Says Biden's Handling of Immigration is 'Almost Criminal' | Conservative Brief -

07/27/2021  50,000 Migrants who crossed border illegally are released without Court date -



07/06/2021  Farmers and ranchers share their border crisis experiences (

07/06/2021  California taxpayers to pay $1.3 billion to enroll more illegal immigrants in Medicaid | Just The News

07/04/2021  Texas Sheriffs Sue Biden Administration Over Immigration Policy Barring Deportations (


07/01/2021    Biden Admin Looks For Ways To Track Up To 100,000 Migrants Released Into The US | The Daily Caller

07/01/2021    Supreme Court rules deported aliens who re-enter US illegally must be detained, even if they claim asylum - TheBlaze


06/28/2021  Kamala Harris Blames Trump for Border Crisis, Touts Biden Admin’s ‘Extreme Progress’ on Immigration in Border Speech (

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