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       Maryland is a one-party state, with a one party-system and any other party is not allowed or limited to its participation in the government process.  As a result, the citizens that are not represented by the one party live in a society designed to exist without their input, and this issue is exasperated by the Legislature's failure to adhere to the laws and guidance outlined in the Maryland and US Constitution. 

United States of America

      In 2021, it appears that one-party rule is becoming a reality in this country and Americans are now living under a Communist totalitarian regime.  This is not America.  As a result, We The People are living in a society, in a country that is designed to exist without our input.  This issue is exasperated by Congress' failure to adhere to the laws outlined in the United States Constitution. 







      We, as Patriots must get real and unfiltered news.

   How? We are censored everywhere. To combat this plethora of misinformation, this platform was created.  This platform gives you news from a wide variety of conservative sources who have information that sometimes counter what is widely distributed. 


       In Maryland, the local press does not even cover Republican races.  How can any voter know what choice they have in candidates if they are not given information? Access to information is crucial.  Help us by contributing in order to keep the news flowing.



Contributions to America's True Patriot are not tax deductible.

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